We Are Unashamed

on 23rd Aug 2014 by Donald Guy Robinson

Well, another year of camp has come and gone. What an amazing experience it was for Impact Youth Group. Lives were touched and hearts were opened. The testimonies at church this past Sunday were so amazing. We had teens that are committing to changing their lives for Jesus. They committed to being unashamed of Jesus in their daily walk. Even our event photographer decided to delete over 600 songs from his music library and only listen to music that glorifies the name of Jesus.

Being unashamed is truly a choice that we all need to make in our lives. It is not an easy decision but it is a necessary decision. Peter, Paul, Daniel, and other great leaders made a choice, a choice to love and put Jesus first. How are you putting Jesus first in your life? Are there opportunities for you to be unashamed in your daily life?

Sometimes I find myself missing opportunities to be unashamed because of my own fears and timidity. But I have to set pride aside and allow Jesus to become my main priority. If I seek Jesus first then He will take care of all those other “things” (Matthew 6:33). Things that don’t really matter to God because He only cares about our heart. So ask yourself where is my heart? Do I truly have a heart to love Jesus? If you love Him then follow His commands (John 14:23). And remember to be unashamed of the Gospel for it is the key to our salvation (Romans 1:16). -Donald Guy Impact Youth Leader

Note: Special thanks to our Impact Youth director Maria, Impact Leader Krystina, and Worship Leader Cory for their contribution to making camp an amazing experience for our youth members and myself. Thank you to Christina and the Pathway Christian Fellowship Leadership departments for helping us raise enough money for our youth members to attend camp. Also, thank you to Life House’s W.O.W. Youth Group for joining us; we are looking forward to next year!

Click here to watch the Camp Event Photos and Camp Event Video.

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